Amy Nauman – Scarlet Chandrayaan

Amy Nauman

-Amy Nauman

This blog is dedicated to the men and women of Second Life that give to the SL community, that contribute to the betterment, and that positively impact our lives in some manner.  I would fall short in my duties as the owner of this blog without highlighting Amy Nauman (Scarlet Chandrayaan in Second Life).  I knew Amy only through her positive and uplifting Plurks.  Amy’s consistent display of strength was an inspiration beyond measure.  Although Amy is no longer with us, she touched the lives of many people, probably more than any of us will ever know.  This posting reflects the thoughts of a handful of those impacted by Amy.   See You Again, Amy.   –

Misha's Amy corner

Misha’s Amy corner

Misha:  Amy, was an amazing girl. Kind, warm, sweet, funny, and smart. She was a creative soul, with a shining spirit that just washed over you whenever she was around. She always had a kind word, no matter how low she was feeling, or how awful treatments made her feel. I’m a woman old enough to be Amy’s mom, and I admired Amy immensely. She was often a bright light in an otherwise bad day. She touched many people daily, and even when she was feeling her worst, everyone felt her spirit and pulled for her to get better. Her positive energy was amazing to be around. I always hoped that Amy would defy the odds and come out healthy and happy and ready to move on with her life. I want to be like Amy when I grow up. I will always remember Amy, I loved and cared about her very much, and I will miss her always. 

Taisynn:  Amy was inspirational. She was a positive light who never put others down. She never wallowed in self pity or complained about her situation. Her Plurks, her talent, her love touched me to be a better person. I would have loved to meet her inworld. I never had that chance. But I did get to know her through her positive Plurks, her nerdy sense of humor, her love for life. And I thank her for it. 

Nara:  Amy was so extremely geeky and always found the time to freak out with me over something Firefly or Star Wars related… And she constantly inspired me with her cheerful demeanor and can do attitude.  Amy, you were such an inspirational person, with everything you did and all the things life threw at you, you always seemed cheerful and kept pushing on. I absolutely loved each and every one of our conversations… For me having another person around in my Second Life who was just as, if not more geeky then me was an amazing thing, and being able to just message you or private plurk you screaming about some new geek thing was always so funny and it always made my day a bit better.

-Amy's Avi - Scarlet

-Amy’s Avi – Scarlet

Skye:  I didn’t know Amy well. She was one if my friends on Plurk for a couple of years, but I never got to meet her in either life. But I knew her well enough to know that if everyone strove to be more like her, the world would be a much better place. She was so sweet, humble, talented, and funny, and she handled her diagnosis with an amazing amount of grace. She was the kind of person you couldn’t help but root for, and oh…did we root for her. 

When the Plurk community found out we’d lost Amy, the reaction was immediate and amazing to see. The grief was palpable. But it was a testament to the lovely person she was, and how many people she had touched. She has left an indelible mark on so many of us, and there are things that I’ll never be able to see or do again without thinking fondly of her. 

I can’t imagine the grief her family and friends are going through right now, but I hope that they take some comfort from the fact that their sweet girl was loved by so many. ❤ 

Risa:  Amy was a beautiful soul. Never once did I see her feel sorry for herself through her ordeal. She was always positive and always had something nice to say about everyone. She made me laugh often with her plurks.  I will miss her dearly. 

Amy's store - Aloutte

Amy’s store – Aloutte

Colleen:  I did not know Amy till a couple weeks ago. What I know of her now I have learned from her long time SL friends. She was very loved. I’m sad at such a young age she had to go, I know she is in a better place and finally free.  

Beliria:  There are so many wonderful people out there that we will never meet which is a shame. Amy sounds like she was a very lovely person who will be missed heaps. 

Faedra:  With the outpouring of support and what I’ve learned about her in the past few days, I wish I’d had the privilege of knowing her. She’s touched my heart and I never met her. 

Taylor:  I wish I had gotten to know her better. She was on my tl for a few months and I would check her tl every time I came back on, just to see how she was doing. I figured, if she could do it and be positive, I could beat my issues. She gave me really wonderful advice that I will always cherish. The people around her were so lucky to have had the chance to know her. I’m so glad I was able to know her here. 

Remembering_AmyTAnatine:  It’s been only three weeks since I actively started following her and I didn’t think I’d be hit so hard by someone I hardly knew, and only for such a short term. Yet to me she’s a symbol to strength and I admire her enormously. I’ve also realized she’s only two years older than I am and about the age of my BF too. Way too young. To stick to Amy’s spirit, I’m pressed to add a positive spin to this. and this is hard. I don’t know Amy well, but I think she wouldn’t want us to be sad. I think she’d be happy that she got her medical bills covered and that she had so many people who cared for her. And maybe also, that her battles and pain are now over. And in the latter, those of us who stay behind, can hopefully find a bit of peace and solace. 

Jayrenn:  Amy’s store Alouette is responsible for a good part of my second life experience. I have furnished my bedroom and my family’s home with her creations. There’s a Greek work “Miraki” Which doesn’t have a word in English, but it means something like “Essence of yourself that you put in your work/everything you do.”   I can really see her in everything she made.   

Lacie:  To my Amy, thank you for being my friend.  Thank you for teaching me to be a better person and to be selfless.  Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of forgiveness.  Thank you for being understanding.  Thank you for teaching me it’s OK that I’m not a perfect person.  Thank you for teaching me to be more open and less worried about what other people think.  Thank you for all of your support, words of encouragement and for believing in me.  Thank you for being there and teaching me to cherish life more.  Thank you for teaching me to try new things, to not stay mad long, and to remain positive, no matter what.  Thank you for teaching me to embrace the silly things in life that it’s OK to love fluffy bunnies, mooses, stitch, to cry at Big Hero 6, and it’s OK to be a nerd and love Star Wars, Big Bang Theory and Dr. Who.  Thank you for the laughter.  Thank you for the comfort.  Thank you for making me a part of your family.  Thank you for everything.  To say you will be missed is an understatement.  Rest in Peace my darling, wonderful friend.  Until we meet again. 

Charlotte:  I feel so saddened to hear of your untimely passing. I couldn’t believe it, when I first heard it.  We’ve spoken a little about gachas, and you were always so kind and chatty. I had no idea, what you were going through in real life.  It’s incredible, how you can feel these emotions for a person you’ve never met, but I am truly sad that you are no longer among us.  I have lit candles for you in both my SL home and my RL home. My deepest condolences to your family and friends. The loss they now have to cope with must be extremely unbearable.  Goodbye, beautiful angel. May you rest in peace. 

Amy - 2012

Amy – 2012

Maxx:  I was so sad to find out what happened to Amy. I too have struggled with cancer, lymphoma. She was such an AWESOME creator, I made tons and tons of money off her gachas. She was an inspiration to me as a creator too. Thoughtful prayers to her friends and family. 

June:  You always cheered me up and made me smile with your creations.  You will not be forgotten. 

SySy:  Amy, you’re one of the most positive, sweet and strong people i have ever met. What a trooper you are. Always there for others, always being gracious and battling this aweful disease with a smile on your face. I remember you saying that you’d fear people would forget you when your time came. Don’t be afraid … you will NEVER be forgotten. If you could only have a clue of how many lives you’ve touched…. You’re a leaf on the wind now……. ❤   

Voice:  I sincerely hope that, wherever you are, you are at peace. May all your dreams come true, in this world or the next.  You touched my life and made me smile. Thank you. 

James:  I’ll remember the laughter. I’ll remember making you embarrassed. I’ll remember yelling at you for spending $40 on postage to send me something. I’ll remember all the encouragement you gave me, all the time, when i couldn’t see value in anything I created. I’ll remember being able to message you at anytime and you were always there to help me talk through my feelings.  I’ll remember the positivity you always radiated. I will miss making you laugh the most, it always helped me catch my breath.  I am truly a better person because of the kindness you showed me and i will remain in debt to you for that. Remembering the Laughter. 

Nicola:  Being your friend was such a privilege. It was genuinely a spur of the moment decision that brought us together. I didn’t know you very well, but I’d remembered you saying that you were worried you were going to lose your hair and joking that you could start trying out new hats – so I thought I’d send you the bear one, along with the card. I am so, so glad I did. I can’t honestly imagine my life without knowing you. By knowing you, I’ve been change for good and changed for the better. 

Jinxy:  You fought your battles and you left. But you left a mark in this world that no one can replace. You touched our hearts. You inspired us to see beauty where it can’t be seen. We were lucky to have you share your world with us. I may not known you personally but the time you helped me. Advised me those are times I’ll cherish and remember. I would IM her and tell her amazing work, keep it up and don’t give it up. Make more things to fill my haven! She would say thank you and laugh. She also said those types of comments are the motivation that keep her going. That to me shows how much of an amazing person she was.  My heart sank low today, when I was told, I admired her strength and passion. Nothing stopped her from creating what she wanted. Rest in peace now. We all miss you & may your family and loved ones find a way to reach peace in their hearts. Blessed Be. 

She_loved_mooseAkira:  Amy touched me with her never wavering spirit and her strength. To go through what she was going through, to take that on at such a young age and meet it head on with “you may try and take me, but I’m not going to lay down and let you with out a fight”, it’s inspiring. I had only talked to Amy a couple of times, but she was always sweet, always caring and never had a bad bone in her entire body. I miss you, I miss your silliness, I miss your smile and the way you could always be happy.  Shine like a bright star in the night sky, and soar like a leaf on the wind, Amy. 

Harlow:  When I heard about Amy’s passing today my heart sank tremendously. She was a bright and happy spot in all of our lives in Second Life. She was talented, kind to everyone she spoke to, & positive through every bit of adversity she faced.  She was an inspiration to each of us, and will forever be a part of our online community in spirit. She will certainly be missed, and our world will be a little bit dimmer because she’s left it. All of us are keeping Amy’s close friends and family in our prayers. Her absence will certainly be felt.  There is a beautiful & solemn quote from Kenji Miyazawa that states “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.”  I feel as if Amy did just that. She took every bit of pain and hardship she faced while fighting cancer and used it as fuel to fight hard for life. Her positive attitude through tough times radiated, and has always been visible to so many of us.  Shine bright in heaven Amy. You will be missed. 

Christa:  I didn’t know Amy personally, but I have been a fan of her store for awhile. Then when I added her to plurk I got to see how kind and beautiful she was. I only wish I had responded in more of her plurks, she had such a fire a drive about her as well. She fought hard against her cancer but sadly the cancer won overall.  It has been a sad day for everyone that knows her and I know she’s smiling down on us from heaven. I hope she know that’ll she’ll never be forgotten and that everyone down here misses her greatly.  To you and your family Amy in hopes that they find peace.

Vanity:  You’ll never find a gem that shone brighter.  A beacon of positivity, honesty and love in a world that desperately needed it…you, sweet Amy were simply that. ♥ my life is better for having known you.




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